The Basics of Bouncing a Flash

The Basics of Bouncing a Flash A majority of pet photographers utilize natural light during their portrait sessions. There is a good reason for this. Natural light is easier predict and does not require massive settings changes when the subject moves. Since pets often move, this is incredibly valuable! Many photographers also simply prefer the […]

Are Wide Angle Lenses Good for Dog Portraits?

I’m going to skip the suspense, wide angle lenses are absolutely AWESOME for pet portraits. To explain why, I’ll talk a little about the unique qualities present in wide angle lenses and explain how this translates to adorable puppy photos. Wide Angle lenses are those with very small focal lengths. They capture a much wider […]

5 Reasons to Buy Custom Pet Photography

Your cell phone camera just isn’t cutting it. Don’t get me wrong, cell phone cameras are awesome. It’s pretty incredible that most people constantly have a tool in their pocket that can capture fun memories. I have taken an unreasonable amount of cell phone shots of my dog in the past few years. I love […]

What if My Dog Won’t Sit Still for Pictures?

Owners of high energy dogs are often worried that photos of their pooch won’t turn out well because it simply won’t stay still. While high energy dogs do require a different style of shooting, they are no more difficult to photograph than a docile, calm dog. Here are some ways to capture photos even if […]