5 Reasons to Buy a 35mm lens

The 35mm focal length is invaluable to me as a pet photographer, and I did not even realize this was the case until recently. I use Adobe Lightroom 5 to edit the majority of my photos, and this software has a very useful feature that allows me to sort all photos by focal length. For […]

Top 5 DC Pet Photographers

DC is a fantastic place to live if you desire a beautiful portrait session of your dog. Here are Washington D.C.’s 5 top pet photographers: 5. Bev Hollis Photography Bev Hollis offers a farm location in Loudon, VA for her outdoor photoshoots. This ensures that you will have a beautiful location for your photo session, and that you do […]

Low Angle Pet Photography – DC Pet Photographer

One of the first things you’ll learn when getting into pet photography is that photos tend to look much better from the pet’s point of view. Therefore, the pet photographer is often on the ground or at least holding the camera at ground level. This low level perspective allows you to capture a more intimate view […]

Should I Foster a Dog?

I had a conversation with a friend recently (one I have had many times before) about whether or not she should foster a dog. It is no secret that my love for photography grew as I fostered more and more dogs. Each dog became a new opportunity for me to hone my craft, but more […]

Foster Dog Spotlight: Snap the Basset Mix!

Meet Snap! Snap was bouncing around the Shirlington Dog Park when I noticed his orange “Adopt me” vest, which was a sure sign he was a foster dog through Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. Snap is a playful goofball who is waiting for his forever home. He made lots of friends at the dog park, both […]

How do I Take Pictures of a Black Dog?

Owners of black dogs will know that taking a picture of their sweet pup is a huge challenge. Most pictures end up looking like giant black blobs with no detail (and usually no eyes!). This can be explained with a little lesson on metering. Metering is simply a way for the camera to determine how […]

Lighting Tips: Shooting on a Cloudy Day

A beautiful, sunny day is not always the greatest setting for a portrait session. Direct sunlight can cause a variety of problems. First, it causes heavy shadows to occur, which is not always a pleasing look for portrait photography. Second, it can cause the subject to squint, something that is quite unflattering for most photos. […]

How Much Does Pet Photography Cost?

  Sometimes it is difficult to gauge the cost of a pet photography costs due to the way photo sessions are structured. To put it simply, pet photography can cost anywhere from $350 to $5000 depending on a variety of factors. (Note: Rates used for this article are based upon Washington D.C. pet photographers, the […]