Who are you?

I am Brad Novak, pet photographer, animal rescuer, and dog lover.

Why should I choose you to photograph my dog?

As an active participant in the rescue community, I have had countless dogs living in my house with a huge variety of temperaments. I have had active dogs, nervous dogs, happy dogs, sleepy dogs, and more. I thrive with all types of dogs and work hard to make sure that they are comfortable before anything else. I bring this same mentality to photographing your pet. I will never start a photoshoot without a happy, comfortable dog in front of me, and I am very good at making furry friends!

How do I arrange a photoshoot with you?

Simply head to the contact page HERE and fill out the form. I will contact you to discuss what you are looking for so we can plan the perfect photo session for you and your dog!

Do you only take pictures of dogs?

No! Although dogs are my favorite thing to shoot, I love shooting portraits for all animals and people as well. I have also been a sports photographer for several years.

Who is that adorable stumpy legged dog in all of your blog posts?


That would be Nudge Novak, my silly, snuggly, loud 7 year old Jack Russell/Basset Hound mix. She will be appearing in the blog very often and has been my personal dog  model for many years. I adopted Nudge from a rescue in Paw Paw, WV when she was only 8 weeks old. She loves sleeping under the covers, barking at dogs at the dog park,  and rolling over for treats.

I work with a rescue, will you photograph our adoptable dogs?

Yes, absolutely. I love photographing rescue dogs and a great picture is often the difference between being stuck in a shelter and going to a forever home. Fill out the contact form HERE and we will arrange a session to shoot your adoptable animals.

Can I be in the photoshoot with my dog?

Of course. I love capturing the connection between dog and owner. These shoots are a blast.

Where will the photoshoot be?

This will be determined during our initial consultation. To put it simply, it can be wherever you want. A park, your home, the beach, downtown by the monuments, wherever. We can pick the perfect location to match what you envision for your photos.