Dog Photos D.C. – Frank the Dachshund!

Brad Novak – Dog Photos D.C.

Frank is a supermodel, plain and simple. He showed up for our shoot with his silky ears combed to perfection, his little legs were stretched and ready to run, and he came loaded with the biggest and sweetest smile you could ask for! He is a 3 year old long haired Dachshund that was born in the Netherlands and made his way stateside with his wonderful owner Marika. He likes to play fetch and pose with flowers.

Frank came to my D.C. location for a quick indoor shoot followed by a romp in Meridian Park. Frank gobbled down treats while posing all over the place, and he was an excellent little model! One of the great things about my pet photography sessions is that it doesn’t matter how well behaved your dog is. My goal is to capture photos of a happy pet in his or her own element. A dog that can sit and stay is not even necessary! As long as the right location is chosen were the dog can be comfortable and happy, we can take great photos. Frank was a great combination of well mannered and at times crazy and fun!

washington d.c. dog photo

washington dc dog photos

beautiful dachshund

dachshund portrait

dog photos d.c.

happy dachshund

dachshund next to flowers

dog photos dc

dog photos d.c.

Dachshund looking up portrait

Brad Novak – Dog Photos D.C.

Brad Novak has been photographing dogs in the Washington D.C. area for 5 years. While volunteering as a dog foster parent he enjoyed the challenge of creating beautiful pictures of his foster dogs so they would be adopted faster, and this quickly became his passion. If you would like a photo shoot with your pet, please fill out the contact page HERE.

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