Maddy the Pitbull Puppy – Washington D.C. Pet Photographer

Maddy is a 4 month old pitbull that was recently adopted by her new family in Washington D.C. She wanted her pictures taken so badly, that she strapped on her adorable green jacket and trucked out to Meridian Park for a photoshoot in 15 degree weather! Maddy is a typical sweet and loving pitbull pup, and she is already doing great in her training, as she was able to sit on command throughout the shoot! This was the shortest photoshoot I’ve ever done, a fifteen minute session to keep this little girl from freezing her tail off! We had a great time and there will be more Maddy shoots to come.

pitbull puppy profile

pitbull puppy playing

pitbull puppy brown and white

black and white pitbull puppy

pitbull puppy washington dc

pitbull puppy black and white washington dc

pitbull puppy hug

Brad Novak – Washington D.C. Pet Photographer

Brad Novak has been photographing dogs in the Washington D.C. area for 5 years. While volunteering as a dog foster parent he enjoyed the challenge of creating beautiful pictures of his foster dogs so they would be adopted faster, and this quickly became his passion. If you would like a photoshoot with your pet, please fill out the contact page HERE.

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