Washington D.C. Pet Photographer – Bear the Adorable Sheepadoodle!

Brad Novak – Washington D.C. Pet Photographer

Bear is what happens when you combine a teddy bear, a panda, and a poodle. This guy is a lovable goofball who like any sweet pup, likes to enjoy his zoomies every now and again! Bear was immediately my best pal the moment I sat on the floor in his house, and his happy attitude is infectious. Every person who walked by our shoot had to stop and say hi to such a lovable happy dude. bear is also quite the famous little guy, as he has over 10,000 followers on his personal Instagram account! You have to be a really cute pup to get that much attention!

Out shoot started with a romp around his house that he shares with his family. He likes to show off his love for Star Wars and the dark side by running around with his Darth Vader toy always in tow. We then enjoyed the early spring with some shots taken at the local park. After making loads of new friends, he brought me back to his house where he showed off his killer frisbee skills! He was a pro the entire time, loving the attention and having a blast.

running sheepadoodle

smiling sheepadoodle

happy sheepadoodle

happy sheepadoodle outside

sitting sheppadoodle

sheepadoodle portrait

washington dc dog photographer

sheepadoodle sunshine

sitting pretty sheepadoodle


Brad Novak – Washington D.C. Pet Photographer

Brad Novak has been photographing dogs in the Washington D.C. area for 5 years. While volunteering as a dog foster parent he enjoyed the challenge of creating beautiful pictures of his foster dogs so they would be adopted faster, and this quickly became his passion. If you would like a photo shoot with your pet, please fill out the contact page HERE.

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