Washington D.C. Pitbull Photography – Dora’s Neighborhood Photo Shoot!

Brad Novak – Washington D.C. Pitbull Photography

I am used to photo shoots with pitties and pit mixes who are sweet and happy and want nothing more than to be your pal. Sweet little Dora took this to another level. Dora is a sweet little bowling ball of love. She wanted to give kisses, to run around with you, show off her sweet tricks, and make sure before I left, we were BEST buds. She was super successful. Dora was able to pull off the regal look, showing confidence and class, as well as showing off that classic pitbull grin and showing what a goofball she could be. Dora was rescued nine years ago in North Carolina, and lives in a house full of roommates that all love her dearly. If you want to see everyday photos of Dora, you can check out her Instagram feed here.

Did I mention Dora has spots? Dora has lots of spots. They are cute. If you can get a dog with spots, you should totally do that.

DC pitbull smiling

dc neighborhood pitbull

shaw pitbull running

beautiful spotted pitbull

pitbull funny teeth

pitbull walking

pitbull sweet smile

pitbull purple wall

pitbull pizza place

smiling pitbull

pitbull with pretzel


Brad Novak – Washington D.C. Pitbull Photography

Brad Novak has been photographing dogs in the Washington D.C. area for 5 years. While volunteering as a dog foster parent he enjoyed the challenge of creating beautiful pictures of his foster dogs so they would be adopted faster, and this quickly became his passion. If you would like a photo shoot with your pet, please fill out the contact page HERE.

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